• Youth is like dumplings,
    enjoy while it’s hot

  • The dumplings are originated from the ancient Sui and Tang Dynasties in China, about 1400 years ago, and are called the Chinese quintessence. It is a long-established folk food.

    It incorporates the Chinese ancient people's dietary wisdom and production methods, also in line with the rationality of Western health mix.

    We have been practicing this integration, because we firmly believe that dumplings is like a business card to promote Chinese cuisine to the world.
  • Xiao Heng Dumpling was established in August 2014 and is affiliated to Beijing Sijia Catering Management Co., Ltd. It is a new catering brand that adopts an offline store and online take-out operation model to promote a safe, green and healthy diet.

    The products are made of high-quality flour, glutinous cold meat and seasonal vegetables. The packaging process fully respects the original taste of the ingredients and produces the “home taste” handmade dumplings.

    Xiao Heng Dumpling Inspires to be the leader and innovator in the field of Chinese dumplings, let the dumpling culture go to the world, and let Xiao Heng dumplings become the business card of Chinese cuisine.

  • There are currently 8 kinds of dumplings, and will constantly refresh with seasonal vegetables.

    We insist on using pure tenderloin as the main ingredient, supplemented by fresh vegetables, seasoned with a little salt, and after boiling water, we can still fully respect the taste of the ingredients.

    Pork contains almost all the nutrients needed by the human body, and is matched with the fiber of vegetables for scientific nutritional ratio.

    At the same time, the dumplings themselves are almost free of oil, which is the first choice for working meals for working people, and is favored by white-collar workers.

About Edison Li

16 years of entrepreneurial experience , 5 start-up companies , nearly 70 stores , 3 super factories.

In the past three years, nearly 70 stores have been opened in northern China, a dumpling R&D team and 3 top-class production factories have been established. He always adheres to the spirit of artisans and insists on creating the highest quality dumpling brand in the market. The taste is the ultimate, and the aim is to promote the dumplings into the world as a business card for traditional Chinese cuisines.